AXOSweetheartEach year my fraternity picks one William & Mary lady to be our “sweetheart”, which basically means that she’s fantastic and friends with most all of the brothers.  Last semester, I aspired to also have the same title for one of the sororities on campus that I personally love.  So, at one of their meetings, I made a cheesy sign and brought all of the sisters fruit snacks.  It worked, and I couldn’t have been more excited to be Alpha Chi Omega’s Sweetheart!

One perk of being the sweetheart is that I get to attend their date parties and formals each semester. scaredshark One was at the Virginia Aquarium, and another at the Williamsburg Community Center where I was officially presented as sweetheart with a red carnation in hand.  I will also be pictured in their sorority composite this year, which is pretty sweet.

Last semester was one of the toughest that I experienced academically, but I was able to still maintain that all important balance of academic and social life.  I think that William & Mary’s reputation for rigorous academics can often lead people to believe that students don’t have that much.  I can safely say that this misconception is false.

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