After the whirlwind that was orientation last semester, my next major focus was fraternity recruitment.  Before classes began, the Greek community hosted “Meet the Greeks” on Yates Field to give the incoming freshmen a chance to get to know the fraternities and sororities on campus.

rushthetadeltEach Fraternity sported new Rush t-shirts and took advantage of the opportunity to meet men that were new to the college and also potential recruits.  As you can see, my fraternity decided on a Top Gun throwback shirt.

Fraternities use an informal recruitment process that involves each fraternity hosting several open houses at the same time to allow interested men to see what each one is all about.  They host campus-wide social events to meet potential new members and also to provide a social outlet to the whole campus.  Unit C’s dance parties included themes ranging from the 80’s to Pirates (my personal favorite).

The fraternities later decide who would make positive additions to their organization and offer those men a bid to join.  In my second and last semester as Theta Delta Chi’s president, I was extremely pleased that we recruited and initiated seven quality men into the organization.

Going into the spring semester, my advice to anyone considering Greek life–no matter what year you are–would be to check out the open houses and social events that are offered.  I can’t emphasize enough how much I have benefited from the Greek system during my time at the College.  I’ve gained valuable leadership experience, made so many new friends I might not have met otherwise, and (most importantly) have had so much fun.

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