Gold Agency

My favorite (while at the same time most challenging) class last semester was Ad and Marketing Communications, which is offered each fall in the Mason School of Business.   On the first day of class, Professor Rahtz informed the class that we are an advertising agency–my section being the Gold Agency–and that we would be working with real clients who have real-world marketing needs.

My team was assigned to the client I was really hoping for:  the Green Leafe, which is my absolute favorite place to go out.  Green Leafe Inc. recently opened another location in New Town and is planning to open a new venue called The Underground located beneath the current Leafe downtown.  It is going to be a nightlife option unlike any other offered near campus with more of a night club and lounge atmosphere.

It was our job to make recommendations about the product in terms of the design and layout of the space and also a marketing campaign for its launch.  I really enjoyed working with the owner of the Leafe during the project.  My team appropriately came up with the slogan “Don’t go out. Go under.” that really emphasizes how new and different the venue is going to be.  I think students are going to love it, and I’m just disappointed that it won’t be finished before I graduate…

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