Giving Thanks

Before I embark upon this blogger-wide topic related to Thanksgiving, I do want to let you know that I am alive and well! I have obviously been delinquent with my blog, but I promise it’s not because I’ve been antisocial. It has been an insanely busy but fun semester, and I look forward to writing extensive recap blogs to update you on my life. Stay tuned!

Why I’m Thankful for W&M…

  • It has allowed me to discover so many new aspects of myself
  • I would not have experienced rancing and all its glory without it
  • I get to enjoy the delicious faux mexican cuisine of the Zoca station in the Marketplace as much as I want
  • It has exposed me to new ideas and ways of thinking
  • I was able to meet Tim Gunn through my involvement here
  • I can be myself without thinking twice about it
  • I am now fully aware of how amazing WaWa is
  • I have made friendships here that I know will be with me my entire life

    Recap blogs of the semester coming soon!

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