Don’t Look Down

It’s week three of the internship, and all eleven of us are together at last. We started training yesterday, and all this week we will be getting to know each other, bonding, and learning griffonhow to be awesome interviewers. The interviews themselves start next week, and I’m pretty excited. We were told that we wouldn’t have much blogging time until next week, but we just so happen to have a few minutes today. I’m glad, because I had an amazing weekend that should absolutely be mentioned.

A couple of months ago, one of my fraternity brothers created a Facebook group entitled “TDX’s First Annual Busch Gardens Day” (TDX standing for Theta Delta Chi). It was planned for this past Saturday, and many brothers (both alumni and current) journeyed to Williamsburg for the event. We spent the day at Busch Gardens Europe, which is a fairly short ride from campus.

I had not been to the park since they opened the new roller coaster, the Griffon, and I was so excited to ride it for the first time. I’m normally not nervous about rides, but this one was intimidating. The first big drop actually goes straight down at a 90 degree angle, and right before you make the drop the ride pauses for several seconds giving you time to question why you got on the ride in the first place. I ended up riding twice, the second time in the front row. If you have yet to experience the ride (or even the park itself), I highly recommend it.

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