Carnivore Cookouts and Battle Scenes

When I lived in Dupont Hall my freshman year, I had an amazing RA (Resident Assistant). He is probably one of the most laid back and quirky people that I’ve ever met, and he made living away from home and on a freshman hall a lot of fun. One of the RA’s responsibilities is to put on hall programs using the hall funds that students pay when they move in. My RA came up with some that were pretty out of the ordinary.

Right around finals time, he used hall funds to purchase old office equipment from a thrift store. He also bought a tarp and a sledge hammer. Basically, since finals were right around the corner, he wanted to give us an opportunity to in a sense let out some aggression or frustration. Many guys on my hall took turns hitting the old furniture with the hammer and eventually all that was left were smaller pieces.battle

Another crazy “hall program” was a carnivore cookout. My RA ordered a ton of exotic meat from a website online, had it shipped to W&M, and then had a cookout for all of us. He had everything from ostrich to kangaroo but made sure to have mashed potatoes for the vegetarians. It was one of the most random, creative events I’ve ever attended.

RA’s also are responsible for making the different bulletin boards around the dorm. Mine brought that same creativity to this task and drew entire boards by hand. He would recreate historical battles with stick figures,  and each little person had one of our names above it. It was always exciting to see if you were dead, alive, or fighting in the most recent battle.  There was one board which I had the unfortunate misfortune of suffering a pretty terrible demise. Check it out!

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