When I first arrived at William & Mary, I never dreamed that I would join a fraternity. I had a really negative perception of both fraternities and Greek life in general. All I knew was what I had seen in movies and on TV. However, toward the end of my freshman year I started branching out from the confines of my freshman dorm and actually started to get to know more awesome W&M people—including those involved in Greek life.

tdxThe people that I met definitely proved me wrong on so many levels. They opened my eyes to the many positive aspects of being in a Greek organization. Fall of my sophomore year, I decided to officially rush a fraternity in which I truly felt that I belonged. Theta Delta Chi in Unit C was a place where I could be myself and really feel comfortable. When I made the pledge to join, I realized that I was gaining so much more than just forty new friends; I was forming lifelong bonds. I have not once regretted my decision to go Greek, and I have been able to meet so many people through joining that I definitely would not have met otherwise.

Joining Theta Delta Chi (or TDX) opened so many doors for me, and after only a year in the brotherhood, I was elected to be president. I was extremely honored to be elected, and I have served my brothers to the best of my ability. I’m halfway through my term and can’t wait to be reunited with all of my brothers when the fall semester starts.

My advice to incoming students would definitely be to try to have an open mind when coming to college. People and organizations just might surprise you…

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