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After a three week hiatus, I am finally blogging again.  I have to say that it feels good to be back.

What have I been up to, you ask?  Well, after my last entry I attended my fraternity’s 161st National Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.  As I had hoped, I did meet many other Theta Delta Chi brothers while I was there and really enjoyed that networking opportunity.  We had business meetings, educational sessions, enjoyed the Vegas night life, and ended the trip with a Grand Banquet.

tdxawardAt this closing dinner (that had incredible food I might add), there was an award ceremony where national officers presented awards to charges (chapters at specific schools) who were excelling in certain areas.  When the time came to present the President’s Cup, which is one of the most prestigious awards, Dave and I were both surprised and thrilled when they announced that Epsilon at William & Mary was the recipient.

Tom Milteer receives Theta Delta Chi President’s CupThe award goes to the charge that shows understanding of the importance of ritual, runs meetings well, and truly knows what it means to be a Theta Delt.  I had never felt prouder to be a member of our charge here at the College.

I returned from Vegas for my “floater” week in the office, and I interviewed rising seniors every day that week.  We had a farewell dinner on Wednesday, and I made the other interns cards with a mixed CD soundtrack from our summer that included favorites from Chris Brown and Taylor Swift.

I literally had the best summer I’ve ever experienced, and it was only possible because of the amazing people that I worked with.  I’m seriously excited about my senior year and especially spending more time with my amazing fellow interns.

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