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Before this spring semester started, I decided that I was going to look for a part-time job to earn some extra money before I graduate.  Literally right after I made this resolution, I recieved an email from someone in Admission asking if I wanted to be a phone worker.  The job is basically what I did this summer when I wasn’t conducting interviews, which is PERFECT.  I accepted, and I am currently down in the Admissions Office basement for my second day of work for the semester.

Being down here makes me even more nostalgic about the summer I spent in Williamsburg and my fellow interns–two of which have now already graduated!  Two days ago, all but one of the interns showed up to help with an Information Session for perspective 2009 Senior Interviewers (and that’s only because Marques no longer lives in the ‘burg).  Although we all know that no one can possibly live up to us, there will soon be NEW interns–a crazy thought for me.

It’s pretty boring down here in the phone worker room (or “dungeon” as we call it), but I have the summer intern playlist and the anticipation for our newly established Intern Dinner dates on Tuesdays to keep me going.

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