3 Words

If you could describe yourself with three words, what would they be?

Well, training is finished, and interviews have begun. The eleven of us are pumped to meet potential members of William & Mary’s class of 2013. I must say though that I’m kind of disappointed that we’re not actually going to be undergraduate students with them. It’s only day two, and I’ve already met some great students.

When I was a rising high school senior, I did not take advantage of the interview program that William & Mary offers. I think that I really missed out, because there aren’t many other schools that offer perspective students a chance to have a one-on-one experience with actual students like this one. It definitely goes to show that W&M is all about the small school atmosphere and personal attention to students.

The question I posed at the beginning of this entry is a pretty standard interview question and one that we often use here. It’s fun to hear the variety of answers from students, and I’m sure that at some point in my life I’ve had to answer it too.

Right now at this very moment my three words that best describe me would be…

Excited [about this summer].
Appreciative [of this experience].
Connected [to the College].

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