It Just Needs a Little Love

I have a confession to make.  My inspiration for this blog came from none other than…Strawberry Shortcake.  Embarrassing?  I’d rather refer to it as channeling my inner child, which seems to make itself evident more often than not.  Whoops.  I’m working on my professionalism this year.  Kind of.

I never expected to have a “light bulb” moment (in the words of Gru from Despicable Me – wow, I really am 5 years old) while watching a children’s movie.  Despite the million other thoughts running laps through my mind, I was struck by a few wise words from an animated character.  I am approaching my junior year with a much more positive attitude, but if asked the reason behind my excitement, I wouldn’t have been able to pinpoint it until now.  I saw Strawberry Shortcake cruising to “Dream Land” on a hot pink ship with Ginger Snap and Angel Cake, and it hit me:  I’m finally chasing my dreams.  Hesitancy is no more.  You see, Strawberry’s ship was about to go down, mayday mayday!  Guess what she did?  She kept her cool.  As I heard Strawberry say to her friends in a pleasantly chipper voice that her ship “just needs a little love,” I caught myself smiling and nodding in agreement.  She took a chance flying off to Dream Land and when her comrades were overcome with doubt, she was the driving force of reassurance.

I’ve made a pact with myself.  I’m taking chances and giving every aspect of my life a little more love.  I suppose my summer sparked the desire to push myself, to do whatever it takes to fulfill my pact regardless of challenges I may face.  Challenges come in different forms for different people.  Me, for example?  I’m a social butterfly and love investing in others.  A challenge for me will be to spread that love to my schoolwork (ew, who wants to give chemistry love? THIS GIRL.)  In order to sail my pink ship to Physician’s Assistant school, I may just have to fall in love with chemistry.  I receive a daily quote from Runner’s World, and today’s was particularly striking:

“Most people never get there.  They’re afraid or unwilling to demand enough of themselves and take the easy road, the path of least resistance.  But struggling and suffering, as I now saw it, were the essence of a life worth living.  If you’re not pushing yourself beyond the comfort zone, if you’re not constantly demanding more from yourself – expanding and learning as you go – you’re choosing a numb existence.  You’re denying yourself an extraordinary trip.” – Dean Karnazes

Talk about motivation.  I read this and asked myself, why is everyone afraid to admit when they’re struggling?  I’ve learned a lot in the past 2 years here at William and Mary, and one lesson this quote helped me to realize is that it’s okay to struggle.  It’s good for the soul.  So here’s to embracing the challenges, facing the demands, and spreading the love.  I’m ready for my extraordinary ride.

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