I Like to Move it, Move it

This Tribe is never stationary.  We’re always on the move.

Part of this restless disease can be attributed to the fact that as a student body, we don’t know how to not be involved.  Going to class and being consumed by books and papers just isn’t enough.  So what else do we do here on campus?  Well, well, well, do I have an answer for you…

If you are a fan of the world of Hogwarts, wizards, World Cups, and flying broomsticks, then the recently founded QUIDDITCH team is just the thing for you.  I was a tad disgruntled when I was unable to attend the first match on the Sunky G’s a few weekends past, but from what I hear, it was epic.  If you like to speak in British accents, join the theatre department!  Their most recent play, Table Manners, featured brilliant British accents and hilarious comedy.  If you like to argue, the William and Mary Debate Team wants YOU.  My roommate is really involved with the debate team and she has the opportunity to travel all up and down the east coast for tournaments every weekend.  For fall break, she flew up to Boston to compete at Harvard!  Jealous much?  That would be a yes.  My other roommate loves her Reformed University Fellowship gang.  She went to a Fall Conference where they lip sank and performed an oldie (but goodie) N’Sync song.  She’s also helping to run a small group for freshmen and she’s a heck of a baker…she makes brownies or cookies for them as a sweet surprise!  On Wednesdays, a capella groups are the biggest rage.  Students flock from all around campus to attend the famous “Wren 10s” – events held on the Wren portico every Wednesday night at 10:00 sharp.  Fans and friends are sure to move their booties over there, usually arriving at least 10 minutes early to secure a cozy seat.  Do you like to get all up in the zen, or enjoy dancing like a fool while simultaneously burning ridiculous amounts of calories?  Sign up for a FITWELL PASS at the Rec, and you’ll be movin it like a crazy person!  Yoga, spinning, Body Pump, Body Step, cardio dance, rock wall climbing, you name it we got it.

So there you have it.  To all of the prospies (code for prospective students) joining us here on campus especially in the next few weeks (‘tis the height of the touring season I would think) – watch out.  I promise you won’t get plowed over or anything by students rushing to class.  Actually, I take that back.  It might happen…but I can definitely say you WILL get stopped on your tour by a friend of your tour guide who can’t WAIT to tell y’all about the coolest thing they did within the past week.  It may involve taking a dip in the Crim Dell, attending the latest function of their favorite club, rancing at midnight through Colonial Williamsburg, or who knows what else.

Summary: come here if you’re dynamic, quirky, fun, and obsessed with living life  to the fullest.

The end.  One Tribe y’all – peace.


P.S. Correction on the title.  WE like to move it, move it.

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