Franky and Shelley and…Squirrels? Oh, Millions of Possibilities

Dashboard Confessional is ringing in my ears and I’m sipping an iced coffee after consuming a lovely dark chocolate bar.  What a dream.

And then I look slightly to my right and see the daunting image of a female strewn across a couch and what looks to be a goblin sitting on top of her…the cover of my Frankenstein book really isn’t all that appealing.

What else should I be doing right now?  Scratch that, what else COULD I be doing right now?… Attending the TRIBE BASKETBALL GAME!  I’m not there.  But my friend is texting me the current score, 29-28 us – at the half.  Yeah, that’s right, get em bball boys!  I could also be packing my ruck sack for the fall FTX coming up tomorrow.  It’s a huge training event for all of the ROTC cadets here and at CNU.  I’m excited.  I love obstacle courses, bring-it-on!  I could also be at the gym.  I could…well, suffice it to say that the possibilities are endless.

I got a call back for the second round of interviews to be a Tribe Guide.  I am really hoping I get a position but if not, there’s always next year.  Don’t give up just because your way didn’t pan out the first time around, be assertive!  I’ll let you know when I find out, for sure 🙂

On an incredibly happy note, I started attending rehearsals for the Catholic Campus Ministries contemporary music group.  What a wonderful way to blow your stress out.  Music is a gift.  I can’t wait to start singing at the Sunday service.  That’ll happen when I return from Thanksgiving break.

Oh.  Downer = registration = nightmare = grrrr.  I was told that this is the worst semester of registration, spring of your freshman year…they weren’t lyin’.  Professors haven’t been very receptive either, which is what is frustrating me the most.  I’ve asked for multiple overrides and have yet to receive one 🙁  BUT….optimism Tarah, goodness.  I’ve been told by several upperclassmen to just attend the class on the first day and speak to the professor in person afterwards.  Oftentimes, they’ll grant the override that way.  Crossing my fingers!  It will turn out just fine.  Also, my computer “Ruby” (she’s red…hehe I love names) died on the day of registration and I had to take her to the IT dept.  It was difficult parting with her.  They took great care of her though.  So, registration was scheduled for the same time as my Bio lab.  I am so so grateful for my amazing lab partner!  She stayed an extra 30 minutes just so I could use her computer.  She is great and I’m sure going to miss working with her next semester.  Actually, the entire section of my lab table is rather entertaining.  We are all so quirky and get along like peas and carrots.  I love it.  Today we did a vigilance lab and went around campus practically stalking people.  We got to be creepers!  It was quite an experience.

I need to get back on track.  Oh boy, Franky here I come.

Until next time,

Tribe love – Tarah 🙂

PS: It would probably make my college career if our mascot turned out to be the fighting SQUIRRELS!  So appropriate.  I would definitely audition to wear the costume…only if they put little boxing gloves on the hands. Adorable.

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