Everyone Smiles in the Same Language

My sincere apologies, dear friends, for being absent for the past … few months.  Yikes.  It’s been longer than I thought since my last post.  I sit here in Barnes & Noble (an excellent study location), and all the sudden, I feel like I’m in Ireland.  Yes, you read correctly – Ireland.  Behind me is a group of about six people playing wind instruments accompanied by a guitar and a…violin?  Sure.  I begin to smile because I can’t help but think about turning around and seeing a congregation of people in kilts and bagpipes.  While I knew that wish wouldn’t come true, I couldn’t help but feel…happy.  This unexpected music led me to reflect on my semester as a whole, a semester of happiness.

I was blessed with the opportunity to embark on a service trip over my spring break. That Saturday morning, I met with nine others from Catholic Campus Ministries and 8 hours later, we were appreciating the beautiful scenes of good ‘ol Savannah, GA. Working with Old Savannah City Mission, we met several men so devoted to Christ after overcoming many trials and tribulations. We met a fantastic young gentleman who committed his days to eradicating homelessness in the greater Savannah area.  We met a beautiful elderly couple who hosted a Bible study for our group, complete with the most delicious homemade southern meal.  Happiness.

Happiness is found through a professor whose open-door policy is unfailing.  This semester hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing in regards to my classes. Biology has presented a challenge from day 1.  However, each time I have sought help from either a TA or from the professor herself, help has been given on the highest level.  Although I have come to realize that biology just might not be my cup of tea, I’ve found a new appreciation for the material, an appreciation spurred by the professor’s dedication and enthusiasm for teaching.  Happiness.

Happiness is found in: a spontaneous 2 hour walk with a new friend – a late night game of bananagrams – a King & Queen’s Ball on the Sunken Garden – holding a turtle that is the size of your palm (found by the Crim Dell) – 31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins with the best Orientation Aide ever – attending a worship service in the Wren chapel on a glorious Sunday evening – an early morning stroll through CW with none other than Mr. Taylor Reveley (beloved president of W&M) during “Love Your Body Week” – hearing the many beautiful voices of W&M’s acapella groups on the Wren portico, every Wednesday at 10 – seeing a giant cotton swab being carried around campus to advertise for the bone marrow drive – free ice cream during the “last day of classes” – seeing prospective students take part in a campus tour – feeling like a gangsta at the K’naan and Wale concert (sponsored by W&M’s Alma Mater Productions) – new mascots – rejoicing in the accomplishments of others – spontaneous dance parties to Kesha’s newest release – tiedying shirts with your hall – weekend beach trips to Yorktown – discovering new passions.

Happiness abounds here at William and Mary.  It’s contagious and it’s found in so many forms.  So go on, spread your happiness, because “happiness is never decreased by being shared.”

Shine Bright,


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