Comforted by the Kindness of Strangers

My first entry as a live blogger!  The previous ones were completed before my blog was live.  Awh, how memorable…

Much to catch up on before I get to the heart of my post today…I am no longer a crew-mate.  🙁 Sad.  It’s for the best though and it’s actually not due to the “time/stress” issue at all.  I was loving it when my schedule finally worked out!  However, as an avid runner, my shins aren’t at their best.  I’ve already suffered 2 stress fractures and I am currently coping with one in the opposite leg (my left.)  I need to get this all doctored up before I can pursue any strenuous activities.  I have been hitting the pool and what not as a safe alternative to running.  Doctor’s appointment on Friday (aka no classes…ugh I actually hate missing class, you get all paranoid!)  I’ll keep you updated.

I AM however, one of the newest members of Every Two Minutes (E2M.)  How cool is that?! I’m excited to learn more about being an advocate to those who are victims of sexual assault, and I’m even more grateful for the opportunity to interact and educate high school students on the dire issue.

Speaking of being grateful…wow.  It just hit me within the past week and a half or so.  The leaves, the Tribe spirit, the people.  There are two particular trees, one outside of Wawa and another on the corner of Richmond and Northern Boundary, that I wish would remain in their current state forever.  After walking back from a morning coffee run admiring the aforementioned trees, I returned to my lovely dorm and what did I find on the door?  An anonymous post-it bearing the greeting “Have a great day! =) ” … thank you, whoever you are.  That same day, my friend encountered a similar post-it in the bathroom of Swem (the library on campus,) reminding its viewer that “You are beautiful.”  What an amazing soul that would go out of their way to brighten the day of someone they have not even met, and furthermore they did this in a way that would not allow them to see the impact of their kind deed.  Selflessness.

I must now mention the lovely cafe ladies.  Ms. Barbara (oh yes, I know my omelette lady by name) knows exactly how I like my omelette and always greets me with a lively “Good morning sweetheart!” every time I enter her cooking domain.  The Sadler ladies always ask me what I would like to eat with a “baby girl” tagged on the end and every now and then I’ll get a question about “how my studies are going.”  The other day, after the ROTC cadets bombarded them at 7AM, I made a mistake when asking for eggs and one of the ladies said “Oh that’s okay darling, don’t sweat the small stuff!”  Needless to say, that phrase graced my Facebook status for the next two days.  They really do care, and it’s wonderful.

Will you take the challenge I have set for myself?  Pay it forward.  Perform a random act of kindness, at least one, every day.  Who knows what kind of impact you can have on a stranger’s life.  Maybe they won’t be a stranger anymore if you reach out to them.  Strive to be selfless.

Make a Tribe choice.

🙂 Tarah

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