04:30 Wake-Up Call = Great Success!

I told you it’d all be okay.

I’m on the crew team.  I am an ROTC cadet.  And I LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT!

I’m a morning person, but apparently this does not exclude deliriousness.

Crew a.m. workouts have finally begun.  Setting my alarm for 4:30 is now my routine for Monday, Thursday, and Friday mornings.  No big deal.  Gazing up at the luminous stars and then witnessing the sun rise 20 minutes later is rather soothing.  This past week/weekend has been an assiduous one, leading to a less than ideal sleep schedule.  So, this morning I make the trek from Brown to the SC to meet the crew team.  As I approach the descent from the sunken gardens to the paved road, something catches my eye.  I look down and in front of a grate (those metal things in the ground that serve as drains,) and see the word “JUMP!” in bright pink sidewalk chalk.  I was a tad befuddled and stopped in front of the grate and stared at the word for a second or two.  After weighing my options, which consisted of walking around the grate or doing as the word said and jumping over it, I opted for the latter.  And so I jumped.  I mean, that’s what it said to do…right?  Right!  The grate was definitely broken and somebody was kind enough to let the entire population of W&M know so that we didn’t have any casualties (a broken grate can be deadly, you know.)  I proceed to walk the decline to the road and see more “Jump!” scribbles.  “Hmm,” I thought.  “I know the bricks are perfectly fine, they don’t look like they are popping out of the ground, so why should I be jumping over the bricks too?”  Then it hit me.  A big drawing in multi-colored sidewalk chalk… “Submit to JUMP!  Prose, poetry, reviews, essays, visual art.” Wow Tarah.  Way to go.  The literary magazine.  I must admit it was very effective advertising and I commended the artists when I passed them 2 minutes after my awkward accident.  I was comforted to know that other organizations wake up at the crack of dawn as well.  Maybe I should submit some photography?  I’ll make it abstract and include some form of iron, parallel lines…in the form of a grate.

Tomorrow is a new month, happy September 30th!

Most Sincerely,

Tarah the Terrific Tumbler –> (I thought that’d be a nice synonym for “jumper.”  I love alliteration.)

P.S. – get ready for an intense blog on Friday.  What better way to fill a train ride than blogging about what I’m sure will be an amazing week…feel the suspense?  You better, because I do!

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