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Metro Mishaps and the Shutdown (Day 01)

Hello loyal readers of the William & Mary blogs! I hope you all have had a wonderful start to 2019. My name is Caleb

DC through the eyes of Jordan Taverner

The following story is a small part of an interview I conducted with one of my fellow DC Semester Students, Jordan Taverner.  -Brenna Cowardin

Learnin’ and Networkin’

This past Friday professor Chitralekha Zutshi, and the DC Center, hosted a conference on Kashmir to discuss its history, politics, and representation. This was

Three Veteran Tips (among other things)

It feels very ironic to be sitting on the train headed towards Williamsburg writing about my day-to-day life in DC. Then again, this is

Moving on Monday!

I’m back after a weekend back at home (I live in Fairfax, VA)! Today, American Politics was all over the District, having site visits

Exploring Washington, D.C.

This morning started off with a nice cup of coffee at Kramerbooks.  The unique DC establishment combines a bookstore and a café into one

Lions, Tigers and Panda Bears

Today was our first day off in DC, and we definitely made the most of our free time.  It was cloudy and misting at

An Ambitious Day in DC

Today was one of the most ambitious and interesting days I have had in Washington so far.  For our International Relations seminar, we had a

Happy on the Hill

Today, the American Politics seminar mostly focused on Hill activities and how polarized Congress in particular has become. In the morning, John Lawrence came