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How to Flourish in a Relentless World Part 1

The most valuable choice I have made during my time here at William & Mary is sign up to take Professor Crace’s flourishing class.

A New Year, A New Fantastic Freshman Class: Working to Build the Class of 2020

We Admit It! All of us here in the Admission Office had wonderful, relaxing and rejuvenating winter breaks. After spending the holiday season re-connecting

One Giant Leap for Admission Kind

We Admit It!  We think maybe we can make out a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.  And that’s because we have

And So It Really Begins

We Admit It!  This time of year can feel a bit overwhelming to us, no doubt as the last few months leading up to

How You Know William & Mary Has Received Your Application

We Admit It! The applications are rolling in and we are in full-on processing mode (soon to be accompanied by full-on reading mode).  So

All Freshman Applications Received

We Admit It!  As of last week we had successfully downloaded and processed all freshman Common Applications submitted for Fall 2014!  Whew.  14,000 plus

Regular Decision Processing Update

We Admit It!  We are almost there.  To date, we have downloaded almost all of our Regular Decision freshman applications.  That means almost every

No News is Not Bad News

We Admit It!  Our little application engine that could is still chugging and chugging up that proverbial hill.  While we are making good progress,

The Day After the Deadline

Admit It!  The application deadline has come and gone but some of your application anxiety may still be hanging around.  We understand.  To hopefully