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Small Packages

Hey everyone! This week, we’re doing a special edition of the transfer blog – a joint post from all three of us! As some

What’s the Deal with this W&M Postcard?

We Admit It! As we move forward in to 2018, our undergraduate admission team is very hard at work building the Class of 2022. As I’m

Deciphering the Cypher

We Admit It! After enjoying relaxing (and much needed) winter breaks, our Undergraduate Admission team has resumed the humbling and rewarding task of building

What’s With the Postcard?

We Admit It! Many applications that we read are beyond impressive. Our applicants accomplish some tremendous things both inside and outside the classroom, and

Decoding the Cypher

We Admit It!  There are some applications, actually many applications, which absolutely knock our socks off.  Each and every cycle we continue to marvel

Good News Can Come in Small Packages

We Admit It!  Every day we read some phenomenal applications.  And it’s hard to keep our excitement to ourselves.  Sure, we share our great

The Proverbial Light at the End of the Tunnel

We Admit It!  This is definitely a lengthy process.  We know you feel like the wait between January 1 and April 1 is an

Postcards from the College

Admit It!  April seems like an eternity from now.  You worked so hard, day-in and day-out, for months on end to get your application