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Overheard in Committee: Let’s see those mids!

Overheard in Committee: “Let’s see those mids!” We admit it! Senior year is an exciting time. With prom right around the corner, spending time

Overheard in Committee: The False “School Quota” Rumor

We Admit It! Committee meetings are moving right along here in Williamsburg. As part of this process, admission decisions are being quadruple checked and

Overheard in Committee: Dropping Classes

We Admit It! Committee season is upon us. As I’m posting this, our dean staff is meeting to have thorough, passionate, and detailed discussions

Overheard in Committee: Early Decision Edition Part 2

We Admit It! Thanksgiving break was fantastic. What’s not to like? Family. Friends. Food. It’s one of the best holidays of the year, and those

Overheard in Committee: 2016 Early Decision Edition

We Admit It! The time for Early Decision Committee has arrived. Committee is when our entire dean staff gathers to discuss our many talented Early

Overheard in Committee: The College Essay

We Admit It! After a nice and relaxing weekend, we are back at it this week as we continue to place the finishing touches on

Overheard in Committee: Extracurriculars

We Admit It! It’s been a long, and very productive, week. The recent gorgeous weather has been a nice added bonus. Committee meetings have

Overheard in Committee: What’s With the Tyops (We Mean Typos)

We Admit It! Committee season is here. During this time of year, our admission committee meets each day in order to have thoughtful and

Overheard in Committee: Early Decision Edition Part 2

We Admit it! Thanksgiving Break was incredibly relaxing, and provided all of our Committee members much needed time to travel home and decompress. Now,