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Rock Music Oman 2020 – The Crescent of Learning

I’m homeward bound after the 2020 edition of our Natural History & Contemporary Culture of Oman (a.k.a. Rock Music Oman) course. For the past

Oman’s Geological Triple Point

Qantab is a village at the eastern edge of the Muscat metropolitan area, it’s hemmed in by steep rocky hills, and flanked by a

The Road to the Moho

I spent last week in the Sultanate of Oman, working with my colleague Professor Anne Rasmussen to setup a William & Mary study abroad

Dispatches from Oman: Juxtaposition

A new semester awaits 11,000 kilometers away in Williamsburg.  Time to depart Oman, but before heading west towards home there was one last mountain

Dispatches from Oman: Fodder for the Tectonic Cannon

I’ve been in Oman for over ten days and seen plenty of deformed rocks—it is what I came for.  What follows are a series

Dispatches from Oman: Wadi Jizzi – standing at the bottom of the Tethys Ocean

Our travels in Oman took us north from the capital region in Muscat to Sohar, a drive of some two hours along the Batinah

Dispatches from Oman: Ophiolite to Aflaj

The New Year finds me half-a-world away from William & Mary on a research trip to Oman.  I am here starting a project focused