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Open Letter to ALL Humanities & Social Science Majors

Dear members of the Tribe pursuing the following humanities and social science majors: African Studies; American Studies; Anthropology; Art & Art History; Asian &

Summer Camp for Grown-Ups

Allow me to apologize for my radio silence; since my last entry, I have wrapped up my junior year at the College and have

A Very Swampy Break

For most William & Mary students, winter break means going home for some quality R&R with the folks.  For me, however, breaks mean hours


I know I just posted, but I wanted to express how excited I am for this upcoming Charter Day weekend. Did you know that


In my world, regrets DON’T exist! There are only those things that I wish I would have done or tried, and the curiosity of

Senior September in Music

Throughout the new classes, meetings, thesis research, workouts, hangouts,  and grad school apps, I’ve found myself relying a lot these past few weeks on