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Final Thoughts from Mary Kate

Though I have two more years at W&M, it is hard not to become sentimental and reflective as the school year ends. A little

Finding a House at Home

Congratulations and welcome to the Tribe! We are so excited to have you! Now that the wait is finally over, you probably have a

The Secretly Fascinating Lives of the Tribe

The stats don’t lie, but they don’t tell the whole truth either. I’ve read them on William & Mary’s website dozens of times. What the

Sunny Sunken Days

This spring is my first at William & Mary, and I had a lot of expectations. The best pictures of W&M seem to be with bright blue

A New Kind of Waiting

You’re a champion at waiting. You waited an eternity for college decisions in high school, you excitedly waited for college to begin, and you

Meet Transfer Intern Mary Kate

Transferring to the College of William & Mary was the scariest and most exciting decision I have made. I spent my freshman year at a