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Open Letter to ALL Humanities & Social Science Majors

Dear members of the Tribe pursuing the following humanities and social science majors: African Studies; American Studies; Anthropology; Art & Art History; Asian &

The Student Lifespan – ITPIR Research

This month, I wanted to share an experience from Catie Crowley, a student who currently works with AidData and other projects at ITPIR. Her

Teaching and Application, Forest and the Trees

This semester is my first teaching a course. It has a focus on the application of policy tools in international relations. Each week we

Speakers and Strategy

The topic of my DC winter seminar is International Relations: U.S. Grand Strategy in the 21st Century.  So far, we have studied various grand

Washington Whirlwind

It has been 24 hours since I arrived in Washington, and it has already been an eventful experience so far.  On Saturday I attended

Getting Ready for DC

“You are registered to visit a U.S. Department of State facility.” When I received an email containing this sentence just a week ago, I

DCSI-LCE Week 11: Knowing Your Why

John, a Professional Staff Member in our office whom I have gotten the chance to not only work with but also befriend over the

DCSI-LCE Week 7: Back After a 4-week Hiatus…did you miss me?

Hey everyone, Sorry I’ve been MIA for the last 4 weeks: it would be a huge understatement to say I have been busy with

The Evolution of Democracy

In 1989, IR scholar Francis Fukuyama published a thesis arguing that democracy was the last known socioeconomic system that had defeated all other ideologies.