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How Lucky Am I

I’ve never been a particularly emotional person. Traditions don’t bring a tear to my eye and goodbyes don’t require a whole box of tissues.

Life without Upvotes and Likes

Scrolling through Facebook, I stumbled onto an article from titled “This Is How We Date Now” by Jamie Varon. In the article, Jamie

A Call to Non-Profits

Last week, I had the chance to meet Charlotte Bartter ’11, who represented Green Corps at our Spring Career Fair. Afterward, she wrote to

The Long Awaited Voyage

As I patiently wait in the terminal at Dulles International Airport for my flight to Tokyo, I found myself pondering the events of the

Life after graduation

Long time no see to all of you blog readers! I know that I haven’t been the most frequent of blog posters, and for

Infinity of possibilities

How many times have you been asked what you’re going to do after graduation? If you don’t yet have an answer, it

Peace by Piece

College can be overwhelming. Actually, let’s be for real…everything in life can be overwhelming. It’s pretty simple to start feeling the weight of the

Settling in again

I’ve been living in my same off-campus house at William & Mary for 2 years now and I’m just starting my senior year here.