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Quick Waitlist Update

We Admit It!  It’s time for another update regarding the waitlists (both freshman and transfer).  This is essentially a quick snap-shot of where things

An Update to the Update

We Admit It!  We have an update to our update on the freshman waitlist (we also admit that’s a lot of updates).  On Friday,

Freshman Waitlist Update

We Admit It!  May 1, the sun around which the admission world rotates, has come and gone.  And of course the first question we

Decisions, Decisions – 2015 Regular Decision Waitlist Edition

Admit It!  You were hoping to see better news in your inbox.  We Admit It!  We wish we could send more good news.  William

Final Waitlist Update

Admit It! You’re either eager for more waitlist updates or tired of them. There’s usually not a middle ground. We just wanted to post

Freshman Waitlist Update

We Admit It!  Negotiating the waitlist is far from a precise process.  At this point, our incoming freshman class is full but we do

Freshman Waitlist Update

We Admit It!  The waitlist process is somewhat of a tricky one.  It’s a process with no absolutes, no set timeline, no predictability.  As