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Summer Solstice in the Field: A River on Rock

Summer is not a quiet time in the William & Mary Geology department. Pop onto the 2nd floor of McGlothlin-Street Hall this summer and you’ll

Dispatches from Oman: Juxtaposition

A new semester awaits 11,000 kilometers away in Williamsburg.  Time to depart Oman, but before heading west towards home there was one last mountain

Dispatches from Oman: Fodder for the Tectonic Cannon

I’ve been in Oman for over ten days and seen plenty of deformed rocks—it is what I came for.  What follows are a series

Summer Research: Going with the Flow

In April I delivered a talk on “Finding Faults in Old Virginia” as part of William & Mary’s Tack Faculty Lecture Series.  Our study

Searching for Hylas

We are deep into the spring semester and my teaching/administrative duties are gobbling up most of my weekdays and nights.   There is hardly a

Whose Fault is It? The 2011 Virginia Earthquake (Part 2)

In my last post I discussed the Virginia earthquake that shook eastern North America on August 23rd, 2011.  Here is the second part of