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Slip Slidin’ Away: Veins & Faults in Virginia Soapstone

by Jerry Hu ’21 Earlier this academic year, my friend Gabe Mojica ’21 wrote about his research on soapstone bodies near Schuyler, Virginia. Gabe’s

Summer Solstice in the Field: A River on Rock

Summer is not a quiet time in the William & Mary Geology department. Pop onto the 2nd floor of McGlothlin-Street Hall this summer and you’ll

Dispatches from Oman: Juxtaposition

A new semester awaits 11,000 kilometers away in Williamsburg.  Time to depart Oman, but before heading west towards home there was one last mountain

Dispatches from Oman: Fodder for the Tectonic Cannon

I’ve been in Oman for over ten days and seen plenty of deformed rocks—it is what I came for.  What follows are a series

Summer Research: Going with the Flow

In April I delivered a talk on “Finding Faults in Old Virginia” as part of William & Mary’s Tack Faculty Lecture Series.  Our study

Searching for Hylas

We are deep into the spring semester and my teaching/administrative duties are gobbling up most of my weekdays and nights.   There is hardly a

Whose Fault is It? The 2011 Virginia Earthquake (Part 2)

In my last post I discussed the Virginia earthquake that shook eastern North America on August 23rd, 2011.  Here is the second part of