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#WMDigitalDC (DCSI-NM) 1: Underground Corridors and Chipotle

It’s currently 10:30 a.m. on Monday morning and I’m sitting in the living room of my apartment in 450K. Having arrived in D.C. two

Leadership: What I Learned During the DC Summer Institute on Leadership, Part 1

Leadership, (a) an influencing process—and its resultant outcomes—that occurs between a leader and followers and (b) how this influencing process is explained by the

Internship Update/W&M DC Summer Institute Blog #2

Continuing from my last post, this one is also an assignment for my DCSI class. The task is to provide an update on how

My Core Leadership Principles

Let me preface by saying this is part of an assignment for a leadership theory course I’m taking over the summer.  However, I still

Looking Forward

I really thought waking up every day at 8 this summer would be the death of me. As any typical college student knows, scheduling

The email that (almost) changed my life.

Last week, I had a very unusual Tuesday morning. It started like any other morning. Promptly at 8:15, my alarm jolted me awake. Then,

Exploring Different Options

Two weeks ago I got the chance to be in the digital studio to help with the filming of a children’s show that accompanies

Life Changing

Last week changed my life. When I look back over the events of the past five days, that’s the only way I can summarize

Discovering the World With National Geographic

This week has been more exciting than usual, it seems as if each and every week I grow more comfortable in my work environment