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Gentlemen Spring Tour 2012

Typically, once a year, each a cappella group at William and Mary goes on a tour, usually over fall or spring break.  Every other

Wild and Wonderful

This spring break, I will be embarking on an epic adventure. Forget the beach. Forget tropical waters. Forget bikinis. Forget warmth. This spring break

Seventy and spring in February?

It’s February 24 and the weather app on my iPhone says 77 degrees as the high for the day. What, it’s 77 degrees in

Top Places to Study on Campus

Midterm season has arrived and the students of William and Mary hunker down in their favorite study spots on campus to pump out those


Right now, I’m thirty minutes away from heading over to the Caf with my friends to enjoy some great grub! I always check the

Places you should know: The Sadler Center

“Sadler,” formerly known as the “UC” or University Center, is what we now call the hall where we often dine and hold student activities.

But seriously…what is the Griffin?

I’m going to be totally honest- I had no idea what a Griffin was before I came to William and Mary. But to be

Something you won’t find on our website but you HAVE to know about W&M is that we have crazy and amazing squirrels!

Today, as I was rushing to get to my 10 a.m., I noticed something very interesting on the side of the path that runs

Things you need to know, that you will not find on W&M’s website…

If you are like any other William & Mary student, you will stress out over which classes you will get.  Coming in as a