FBI Tour!

May 13

On Tuesday, we had the privilege of exploring the FBI Education Center. Many students were in awe of the advice that many of the personnel shared, and their dedication to public service, which was so impactful for their decision to join the Bureau in the first place. Special Agents fired off several rounds at the firing range, impressing the crowd with deadly accuracy. Rand Waldron, the head of the Sentinel Project discussed some of the challenges that come with building an efficient file storage system, and the ability for the program to make the Bureau’s information easier to share among analysts and agents alike. FBI Director James Comey ’82 very graciously provided an hour of his time to entertain topics ranging from career paths to the William & Mary quirks that made his education so special. One profound moment of his speech referred to his discussion of everyone having two separate identities, our identity we use to carry out tasks, and an additional consciousness that judges and observes our moral actions. In order to truly enjoy what we do in life, we must master both.


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