Welcome Class of 2015!

Hi everyone! Guess what? The Day for Admitted Students is this Saturday! I wanted to write a special welcome to the newest admitted members of the W&M community- transfers and the Class of 2015. I know these last few weeks have been incredibly nerve-racking for you all, as you waited to see the decision in your email inbox.

Now is the time to narrow down your choices and pick the school that’s perfect for you by visiting the campuses, asking questions, and meeting other students. If you are having trouble pinpointing the right college- Admitted Student’s Day is an awesome opportunity to do just that! On the 16th, the Sunken Garden is going to be filled with current students and clubs here to answer your questions and tell you some of their personal experiences about being part of the Tribe.

So Class of 2015: I welcome you to William & Mary. If you decide to choose Williamsburg as the place you want to spend your four years of college- I cannot wait to meet you all in August for Move-in Day and to be one of your OAs for Freshman Orientation. If you have questions about Tribe life, being a freshman, or William & Mary in general- comment below and I would love to answer anything you want to know.

See you on Saturday for Admitted Students Day!

Your fellow TWAMP,

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