Spring Registration

Registration Week is upon us again, everyone. It’s that hectic time of year when we plan what we want our schedule to be the next semester, but know deep down inside will turn out very different after our time slot is over. Some of us get incredibly lucky and take Adventure Games, while others (like Hitler from last years’ fantastic viral registration YouTube video based off Inglorious Bastards) do not. I know from experience the anxiety that scheduling can cause sitting on Banner two minutes before registration opens at 3:30 pm. I also know the feeling you get the moment you hit enter, and your schedule comes back with only eight credits. It can be hard when we get our hearts set on having no classes on Friday or none before 11:00 am. And it can be frustrating when we have one specific major track class that we need to take, and all the spots have already been filled.

One surprising thing that I have found during my time here at the college, however, is that it is always the last class that I sign up for, or switch into on a whim, that I have enjoyed the most. Add/Drop has giving me the incredible opportunity to start my mornings laughing with Professor Simon Stow in Race, Rhetoric & Poetry in American Thought, and fulfill my GER 7 in the process. I have learned in-depth knowledge about the culture of my ancestors and the skills needed to write a good thesis paper with Professor Susan V. Webster in Art and Art History of Colonial Latin America. And with Add/Drop I signed up to take a literature course and ended up deciding to be an English major because it was something that I truly had a passion for.

I believe it’s important to take at least one class each semester, not because it’s a necessity, but because you love the topic. The work load in college can be heavy and intensive, but keeping a balance in your classes with ones that you love, or just want to try because it sounds fun, can make waking up on busy Mondays so much easier. So, as we all fight for spots in classes and ask the teachers for overrides, I just want to say Good Luck. I hope that all of your schedules work out. Also, I hope that you will find, even if it’s not on you original top choice schedule, classes that you will truly enjoy. Just don’t sign up for Children’s Fantasy Literature, because that’s the class I want.

🙂 Happy November everyone: best wishes on the rest of this semester, as well as the next.

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