Wishes for New Students from W&M Graduate Katherine Eklund

Katherine Eklund’s wishes for the Class of 2016:

My wish for you…

  • More questions than answers.
  • “Ah-ha” moments.
  • Mistakes, failures, and lessons learned.
  • Days when you decide it’s more important to play that intramural soccer game, get dinner with that friend, or take that ride out to the James River on a perfect Saturday afternoon, than it is to spend that hour or two studying.
  • Constant reminders that college does not have to be “practice” or a “holding tank.” That what you do here can have a direct and immediate impact on the “real world.”
  • The piece of mind that not everything needs to be accomplished in these four years or within these brick walls … it’s just the beginning.
  • College years lived like they are the “best years of your life,” and a graduation day when you realize the best is yet to come.
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