Welcome New Students

The residence halls will soon spring to life for another glorious academic year. The incoming class is the most accomplished to this point in their collective life as any our university has ever welcomed.

Freshman and transfer move-in is among my favorites sites of the school year. There is such emotion on campus. For as long as each new student has been alive, or longer, a family member or many have dreamed of this day. Still, there is a sense of dread, angst and curiosity. All that you aspired for is now a reality. With that comes such excitement for something new and some sadness for a loss of that which you were striving.

Here are my wishes for each student in the new class:

  • I wish for you good days, interest in learning, finding a lifelong friendship, feeling a sense of accomplishment at least monthly, and the ability to cope during challenging times, to heal from the toughest moments and to later thrive.
  • I wish for you to find a deep sense of calling so that you can pursue fulfilling work and have every confidence on your ability to do your part to change the world.
  • I wish for you your best moments happen often and that those moments pass slowly.
  • I wish your bad days are few and that when they pass you can look back with an understanding of what you learned.
  • I wish for you to have dreams for your best life and when a dream comes true that you have the hunger to dream again.

I hope you know that the people leaving you at William and Mary are not far away. They have worked so hard to prepare you for this time in your life. There will always be a person to listen when you speak and to find you when you are alone.

One recipe for success at William and Mary:

Eat healthy food. Get consistent sleep. Go to class always. Be interested in the topic. Ask for help at the first sign of needing it. Accomplish something outside of class. Develop a few real and lasting friendships. Consider your role in community. Feel a part of something bigger than you. Be thankful for this place.

Your dream came true. Your loved ones dream came true. You made it. Rejoice.

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