Best Wishes Class of 2016, Cosmo Fujiyama ’07

Cosmo was the recipient of the prestigious Monroe Prize for Civic Leadership in 2007. Check out the news coverage


Begin It Now

Cosmo, co-founder of Students Helping Honduras, while a student, writes in with advice for the Class of 2016.

Dream HUGE. Have a random conversation a day with someone new. Give yourself permission to try, fail and learn. Love yourself. Be yourself. Be mindful. Go tribe!!!!

I wish you many cups of Wawa’s premiere Mac and Cheese. Best at 3:15AM.

I wish you boldness.

I wish you many renditions of the alma mater.

Try out for an a capella group! Big personal regret of mine is that I didn’t try out.

Above all, I wish you time. Time to soak it all in. Time to meet friends for coffee and inspiration at the Daily Grind. Time to be fiercely you, and all the beauty that comes with the journey.

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