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Many William & Mary traditions help current students bond, but Homecoming brings the past, present, and future of William & Mary together. This past weekend was a celebration of where we’ve been as a Tribe, where we are, and where we’re going, and as a current student right in the middle, it was equal parts fun and touching. Now that the whirlwind of Homecoming 2014 is in the books and I’ve had a chance to catch my breath, I wanted to share some highlights:

  • This was my second Homecoming as a student, but first time walking in the parade! I wasn’t quite perched on a snazzy float, though: other student volunteers and I walked behind the festivities and cleaned up trash. Turns out, this less-than-glamorous job was tons of fun and a great bonding experience. Along the route, little kids (maybe future alumna and alum!) and adults alike helped us by pointing out pieces of trash, which made me really happy. Our community’s giving spirit really helps make W&M home, so it was amazing to see it right away at the start of this weekend.
  • Another highlight of this weekend was just talking with alumnae and alumni that I ran into around campus. W&M has such personable, engaging students, no matter when they graduated. It was especially interesting to talk with women who came back from my sorority; I’m relatively new to Greek life, having rushed this past fall, but felt an immediate connection with the women I met at our brunch. Quite frankly, they are inspirational. Whether in a structured setting or the line at Wawa, it was so much fun to meet the people who traveled back to campus for a weekend of Tribe Pride and who still call this place home.
  • Throughout the weekend, I attended several Homecoming concerts, which were all highlights on their own and really helped me connect with the spirit of the weekend. My ensemble did not have a concert this weekend, which meant I was free to support the wider musical community and pick from at least a dozen incredible concerts. Friday night in Wren Chapel, it was the Botetourt Chamber Singers, who sang beautifully as always across languages and styles. Saturday, I attended several a cappella concerts (shout out to The Gentlemen of the College, who never fail to impress me and make me smile), which were all great reminders to current students and alumni how much passion and talent are on this campus. Music is such a powerful way to connect with others, so I loved having a Homecoming weekend with a great soundtrack, from The Lamentations of Jeremiah to barbershop standards to Our Alma Mater (it never gets old).

From walking in Convocation as a freshman to ringing the bell in the Wren as a senior, W&M knows how to do tradition. Still, Homecoming may be one of my favorites.

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