An Introduction, or Three: Meet William & Mary’s Blogging Senior Interviewers

Each summer, the Admission Office welcomes 14 rising seniors to be William & Mary’s Senior Interviewers. We conduct optional and evaluative interviews with rising high school seniors to add to their applications. These 20 minute, on-campus interviews give us a chance to learn about you, and for you to ask questions and get to know current students. For the rest of our summer in the Admission Office and for our senior years, we will be sharing our experiences with you here! But first, let us introduce ourselves.

Yousif Al-AminYousif Al-Amin
Hi, my name is Yousif Al-Amin and I’m one of the 14 Senior Interviewers at William & Mary this summer! I’m from a small town called Fairfax, Virginia and I’m studying Neuroscience and Arabic with a pre-med concentration. When I’m not interviewing prospective students, you can find me playing Club Volleyball, volunteering with local veterans or giving tours of our beautiful campus. I fell in love with W&M the minute I stepped foot on campus, and I knew that this was where I wanted my home to be for the next four years. However, what I didn’t know at the time was that the relationships I’d build here with friends, professors and administrators would last much longer than just four years.

Catie PinkertonCatie Pinkerton
Hi! My name is Catie Pinkerton; I’m from Venice, Florida and majoring in Elementary Education and Sociology. I knew I wanted to be a senior interviewer about 10 minutes after I interviewed at William & Mary myself as a high school senior. My favorite subjects to talk about in an interview are campus life, food in Williamsburg and how to distinguish between the colonial cannon fire in Colonial Williamsburg (CW) and a real life threat. On campus, I am  involved with Student Assembly, Camp Kesem and of course the lovely Admission Office!

Emilyann KeyEmilyann Key
Hello! I’m Emilyann Key and a rising senior here at W&M. I’m majoring in Psychology and minoring in Marketing. I’m from Alexandria, Virginia, but William & Mary has come to be my home over my time here. One of my favorite parts of W&M has got to be the proximity to the Cheese Shop in CW. No, in all seriousness, it’s being surrounded by curious, fun and authentic people that has helped me grow into who I am today (and I’m 5 ft 11, so they’ve done good work). The academic opportunities, extracurricular adventures and personal development that William & Mary has offered to me has changed my life and I am so much better and thankful for it. Here’s to sharing a bit of summer in Williamsburg with you!

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