Student Happenings

One of my favorite things about William and Mary is the amount of student-motivated activism that goes on here on campus.  When looking that the wide array of clubs that exists here on campus (over 400), it is clear that William and Mary students like to stand up for what they believe in.  Each night on campus there is also a wide variety of events to attend; and never once have I ever been bored.

If there is a state, national, or international problem, big or small, William and Mary students will find a way to get involved and create change for the better.  Whether it’s raising money for victims of domestic violence, expanding medical outreach in the Dominican Republic, or tutoring students in Williamsburg, student are learning how to identify issues and solve them.

The College sends out an email each Thursday and Sunday called “Student Happenings.”  Student Happenings is probably one of the longest emails we get each week because it notifies us of every event happening over the next couple of days.  Student organizations can email in a list of their events in order to inform the rest of the campus about it.

Whether the South Asian Student Organization is having a Bollywood Night, the University Center Activities Board is hosting Guster, or Kappa Delta is hosting their school-wide philanthropy Campus Golf, there is always something to do.

Most events are free for students, and there is always something to do.  Professors are often at a lot of events, and now, more and more Williamsburg community members are attending as well.

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