Office Hours

This year I have truly started taking advantage of the office hours professors hold. One of the things I love about our College is the true undergraduate experience offered here. Professors teach 100% of undergraduate classes, and in every class I have taken, I feel like the professor has prioritized his or her classes above all.

Each professor at the College offers office hours, normally two to three times a week. This is basically a time when students are welcome to come, no appointment necessary, to discuss what we are learning in class or just to get to know each other. This year has been wonderful because I feel like I am truly getting to know some of my professors outside of the classroom as individuals. Whenever you go on college tours you always hear that professors are “so accessible” and “eager to meet students,” and here, that is the truth.

I have enjoyed walking into my professors’ offices and talking about their research, their life experiences, and what drew them to the college. It has been so rewarding to step out of the classroom and continue conversations that enhance what we have been studying for weeks. I have grown to appreciate my professors outside of the typical teacher role, and have gone on to understand and view them as adventurers, entrepreneurs, activists, and leaders.

Continuing the academic experience outside of the classroom has enhanced my desire to learn and my belief in their commitment to the community here at William and Mary.

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