Lifelong Member of the Tribe

Even though Homecoming is still a month away, I can’t help but get excited for the weekend to arrive.  My William and Mary experience has been shaped by both the students who are still here with me on campus and by the students who have already graduated, and I am so excited to welcome every member of the Tribe back.  The entire community is excited to have everyone back in Williamsburg again.

As the weekend approaches, Williamsburg is getting ready to host thousands of people and the campus is getting prepared.  As Greek organizations plan homecoming brunches, the Student Alumni Council is planning dinners, and the football team is practicing for the game.

Being a member of the Tribe is a lifelong commitment and nothing proves that more than Homecoming weekend.  It’s quite the spectacle seeing current students and graduates alike painting their faces green and gold, cheering for the Tribe.  It is wonderful to know that the traditions of the class of 1948 are still the same traditions of the class or 2010.  Homecoming brings a deep sense of unity and a deep sense of pride knowing that you belong to something bigger than yourself, especially something as wonderful and historic as William and Mary.

I am so grateful for everything William and Mary has given me, and I know I will always to try to give back to the school that has given me so much.  Luckily, I still have two more years here, but I am still excited for the day I can bring my family for Homecoming weekend many years from now and share with them my Tribe experience.

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