To be or not to be… Lazy

It’s been scorching hot in Williamsburg, the kind of sticky humidity where even days at Yorktown or Jamestown beach are almost unbearable. The school year here is deceiving… move-in day is still disgustingly hot but after a week the weather tends to cools off into distinct and beautiful seasons.

Fall lends deep oranges, yellows and maroons on the campus trees, and gentle breezes and cool nights. Winters tend to be mild but occasionally the campus will receive a cloak of thin, white snow – a day or two when the campus turns into a white-washed wonderland. It is a reenactment of elementary school snow days: Students will try to sled on what little snow we receive, snowball fights presume in the Sunken Gardens, and snowmen can be found scattered around campus usually adorned with campus shirts or funny hats. And as spring rolls around, workers plant some of the most beautiful flowers on campus. Walks after classes allow the opportunity to smell scents of lavender and jasmine and on warmer days students will lie in the sunken gardens tanning, working, or playing a game of pick-up frisbee. But now – now is like nothing I could have prepared myself for. I almost feel bad for the people who come to take a summer tour and I want to scream and tell them that this is awful and usually not what it’s like but I tend to refrain.

The weather is also not good for my workout routine. I set a goal to run my first half marathon in November and set pretty lofty goals for what I wanted to accomplish before the school year began. And sometimes I’ll convince my friend Joey to come running or we’ll do an impromptu soccer game on Barksdale field, but as the weather passes the 100 mark it gets more and more challenging to keep such self-discipline. And some nights, like yesterday, I decide that it’s ok to be lazy for the day.

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