The Kickball Challenge

Wednesday night marked a very special occasion. Every year, the interns have challenged the deans to a game towards the end of the summer, and each year, the deans have dominated.

Kickball Entrance

We decided that this year would mark a break in tradition. All of the interns spent a couple of hours filming a video as our official challenge to the deans and showed it at the staff meeting.

We made shirts, coordinated outfits, and entered the Sunken Gardens with our game faces and intimidation music. We led cheers and talked trash… we even got the Earl Granger’s, the Associate Provost of Enrollment, daughters on our side. Yes, we play dirty.

Kickball Huddle

Yet once again, history repeated itself. Despite our valiant efforts and strong showing during the first inning, the deans were once again victorious. It was still a lot of fun – friends and family members of the deans and interns gathered in lawn chairs and on the steps cheering us on and acting as our game referees.

And even after our disgraceful loss (I promise the deans are a lot more athletic than you might expect!) they didn’t rub it in our face as we probably would have done.

In fact, the opposite happened – they took us out to the Leafe, one of the restaurants across from campus, and the Dean of Admissions, Henry Broaddus, treated us all to food and drinks. You can’t tell me I don’t have the coolest job ever. After all, who can say they played kickball or got a free, great meal with the man who signed their acceptance letter to the College?

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