Royal Keepsakes

I always loved photographs: the ability of a photo to express or convey that which my words could not. This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous – the weather, trees, everything. After a nice lunch out, I took the ferry with two friends over to Surry. The ride over was free and relaxing and when we left the ferry we went on a drive. We set out on the winding road with no destination. If we saw an interesting building or sign, we would turn and explore. And that is how we found the Old Fort Plantation, a clearing set up by John Smith in 1609, hidden by oversized trees and a long dirt road. After we returned to campus, I continued to take some photos of friends by the Crim Dell, Sunken Gardens, and Wren building. I always talk about the difficulty of encapsulating the beauty of this campus but these pictures are my best attempt.

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