A Rooftop Picnic with W&M Alums

When I think back to my time at William and Mary, I often think about the individuals that made the place so wonderful. It was the passion and enthusiasm of the students and teachers that inspired me and consistently made me strive to be better. Two years later, I find I am still inspired by the College’s graduates.

Last week, I met up with a good group of friends from William and Mary, many of whom I haven’t seen since our 2009 graduation. As we sat down to eat, and caught up on our lives and jobs, I realized that the amazing things that William and Mary students accomplish don’t end when school does. Rather, they provide a strong foundation on which to build upon after leaving Williamsburg.

To provide an example of this, here are just some of the wonderful things these friends are doing:

From left to right:

Paul Garrity – Paul worked as an elementary teacher in inner-city Richmond before moving to DC this past summer. He now works as a researcher/consultant in the education sector.

Genny Mak – Genny works as a contacts consultant at Noblis, an award-winning non-profit. She somehow manages to find the time to play soccer, volleyball and take woodworking classes on the side.

Adeela Tajdar – After spending time in Pakistan with her family and working, Adeela now is a faith fellow for Tony Blair’s Foundation.

Kelley Quinn – Kelley is a contract writer for USAID and incorporates her love of comedy into improv classes after work. In five years, I promise you Kelley will be on Saturday Night Live. Yes, you read it here first.

Me – I spent over a year working in Guatemala with non-profit Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos. I’m now interning at the Meridian International Center and writing these lovely blogs as I look for a full-time job.

Bryan Terrill –  After completing a year in Russia on a Fulbright, Bryan now works at the National Endowment for Democracy. Following work, he takes Turkish classes, recreates absolutely delicious Jamie Oliver dishes, and woos women with his fluent Russian skills.


We enjoyed a delightful picnic dinner on the rooftop of Adeela’s new apartment building in Arlington, admiring skyline views of Washington. And with all of the incredible alumni in the DC area, I know that this is only one of many delightful Tribe evenings to come.


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