Upward and Onward

Are you trying to overcome a tough situation? Are you struggling with a thought, letting it consume you? Stop. Release all tension, open your mind, and open your heart to this: Just remember, this is a test. It is only a test of your strength. It is a test to see how far you push yourself. It is a test to see how creative you can get. How do you handle the situation at hand? Are you going to act without thought, or are you going to breathe in deeply and reevaluate your options?

Just stop for a second and remember, this too shall pass. I know it’s hard, but trust me, it will get easier. I know it can get pretty hazy, colors smearing together, dark and light switching places. But life is never going to be clear. You have to accept that. It’s up to you to decide if it’s going to tear you down, or make you stronger. Living life is a fight to the finish, so there is no escaping that.

So what now? The past is the past. Just don’t dwell on it. Do what you must do now, and continue on. Move forward. Always move forward. Because, if you stop to look back, you just might miss a step.

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