Six Important Things to Add to Your “To-Do” List

For all of you preparing for graduation, listen up. I have some valuable advice for the class of 2013. To the classes of 2014, 2015, 2016, don’t worry! You still have time. However, this advice is certainly just as applicable to everyone at the College, so you may proceed.

  1. Slow down. How, you ask? Well, if you’re anything like the rest of the TWAMP population, you are taking 21 credits, juggling part-time jobs and running a handful of organizations and organized sports teams. Breathe. Where is the time that you reserved just for you? I know it pains you to hear this, but this is your last semester as an undergrad student. Drop a few commitments; no one will judge you. Please do your all-too-precious mind a favor and learn to do things that make you happy. Once you enter the “real world” – which by the way, isn’t as scary as you think – you’ll be much more busy. Take this time to relax. We all know you’re a professional at multitasking, but don’t overwork yourself for no reason. You’ll have plenty of time to work (say, the rest of your life).
  2. Exercise! I know that the “gym” may not be in everyone’s vocabulary, but who says it has to be? Spring semester is upon you, and so are copious amounts of sunshine and fresh air. If you know that you don’t have time, make time! Remember, you’ve just dropped some of your extracurricular commitments. Go on a run (jogs and walks count too) around campus. Take a bike ride around CW. Grab some friends, head to Lake Matoaka and rent a canoe or kayak at the boathouse. It’s free with your student ID. And even if you haven’t been to the Rec Center yet, there’s no better time to start. Sign up for a Zumba class, or ask to join a friend who frequents the Rec. Your body needs exercise, so stop holding back.
  3. Spend your time with the people you love most. To my dear brilliant and radiant social butterflies: I know you love making new friends. That’s great! But just remember: Commencement is in May, so reach out to friends you’ve made along the way, or have unintentionally lost touch with. After Commencement, you won’t be able to knock on your hall mates’ door to ask them to join you for dinner. You won’t be able to go on a late night trip to Wawa with the friends who’ve camped out at Swem with you during exams. You won’t be able to wake up your roommate at 3am to tell her about your night out, or about that job offer email that found its way to your inbox. This is your time to be with those who brighten your day, with those who you’ve made lasting friendships with. Your time at W&M is finite. So who would you rather spend it with? I want you to imagine their faces. That person (or group of people) that just came to your mind? That’s who you’re going to call right now. You’re going to make plans to catch “The Hobbit”, which you haven’t been able to see since you’ve been busy. You’re going to drive to their dorm or apartment to pick them up so you can grab froyo together. You’re going to agree to meet for tomorrow’s yoga class. After all, you have more time, especially since you’re not attending (or running) five meetings this evening. Right?
  4. Attend campus events! Speaking of extracurricular activities, instead of running a bunch of clubs, why not attend other organizations’ events this semester? This is your chance to check out events you’ve always wanted to see, but never had the time to do so. There are always guest speakers and entertainers, fundraisers (selling delicious treats of course), and performances around campus this time of year! I know money may be tight, but when else do you have the opportunity to attend an event for less than $15 (or even better, for free) and not have to drive 45 minutes to get there? I recommend FASA‘s Annual Culture Night, which will be held on the evening of February 8th. The show (filled with exciting dance numbers, musical performances and stellar acting – all rehearsed in a matter of weeks) is in the Commonwealth, and is followed by a delightful Filipino feast. Tickets go on sale the week before the show in Sadler, or you can contact the President, Dannie Angeles, at, for more information. Okay, that’s my shameless plug for this blog post. But seriously, you should go!
  5. Check out the Williamsburg Winery. Are you 21 or older? Perfect! Just bring your ID you can join a free tour and wine tasting! If you want, pay $5 to keep the wine glass. Tours are held on Mondays through Saturdays from 10am-4pm, and on Sundays from 11am-4pm. I recommend you grab your freshman hall mates and head to the winery’s Gabriel Archer restaurant for lunch, then top it off with a lovely tour!
  6. Cherish these last few months at the College. It’s easy to wish your classes and work would vanish. But this community (that I hope you’ve grown to love as much as I still do) is truly unique. Where else can you leave your laptop and TI-83 for hours on a study table in Swem, while you jet off to philosophy class in Wren? Where else can you lose your wallet (containing your ID, credit cards, cash and insurance information) by the Units on a snow day, and have it returned to you in just a few days time? Where else do the Dining Services staff sing as they cook and serve your lunch? It truly is the little things, so take some time to acknowledge and appreciate them.

Now go forth, friends! Embrace and love every minute you have in the ‘Burg. You won’t regret it.


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