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Dear (Sir/ Madam),

Welcome to my first blog post! I’m pretty (excited / intimidated), but hopefully with this blog I can tell you all about the ways that William & Mary has helped shape my (long-term goals / everyday decisions), or how I’ve learned to  (spread / focus) my time.  It seems like I’m always (meeting with a club / studying / getting coffee with friends / sleeping) but, honestly, that’s what school is about, right?  I love the routine but my favorite day of the year has to be (campus golf / charter day / yule log) because I love seeing huge groups of students celebrating together.

I feel like it’s (my last chance to be a kid / time to start growing up).  At least now that I’ve finally settled on a (English / Classics / Religion / Philosophy / Business / German) major I can start to buckle down.  I’ve enjoyed taking classes in a ton of different subjects though.  The professors I’ve had so far were (easy to talk to / always available / brilliant) and I feel like I would have been fine in any department.  What I have learned is that it would be (impossible / impossible) to pin my experience down to (one / two / three / four) categories.  Except, I guess, as a (William & Mary Student).

Thanks for reading!


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