Why Peer Advising?

“Knowing the value of people sharing their experiences is what drives me to be a peer advisor.” -Caroline Kirk ‘21

There are so many things to become involved in on our beautiful William & Mary campus, why do some people choose the Peer Advising program? Not surprisingly, many PA’s note that they love helping new students adjust in such a stressful transition time. Many also reflect back to their own first years at college, remembering some of the hardships and the perseverance learned. Alijah Webb ’20 commented that “Helping people is my passion, and it has always been an integral part of my life. This is abundantly clear now through my on-campus involvement.”

Other PAs, like Alison Larkin ’21, love being able to interact with incoming students over the summer before they even arrive to campus. Larkin said, “[Most] importantly, Peer Advisors serve as a point of contact during the summer when the real uncertainty about college life sets in.” The virtual role of PAs for the duration of the COLL Studies course is extremely beneficial for new students, who can remain in contact with their PA through Orientation with any questions which arise. “I made such a wonderful connection with my advisees last year and they still contact me with issues when needed,” said Audrey Pulliam ’21.

Another Peer Advisor shared about her TWAMPy love of registration, saying “As a peer advisor, I have the opportunity to share my odd passion with new students and show them that even with closings, overrides and randomly disappearing classes, they too can find a schedule they can be excited about” (Mariana Erana Salmeron ’21).

Whether it is love of helping others or the desire to give back to W&M, Peer Advisors are dedicated to both the program itself and to helping new students in their transition into college.  As best said by Quinn Arnone ’20, “I like the opportunity to be one of many friends they will meet at William & Mary.”

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