Registration time has the tendency to bring surprises. Some of those surprises are welcome and others, not so much. One of the best things about creating a new schedule is the uncertainty associated with a new beginning. It’s kind of like an academic birthday! With this in mind, some of our Exec Board members wanted to take some time this week and next to share some of the classes that surprised them the most. Enjoy!

Andrew: I took a Kinesiology Topics class in Health Policy last year. When I registered for it I expected that it would survey existing health policy and its origin. It did focus on the latter point somewhat, but it also went deeply into the underpinnings of policy making that I had never considered. The professor had a fantastic background in GIS and interwove some of those concepts in as well. Some of the class was practical in nature, and focused on creating data representations graphically for our papers. It ended up being so much more than a Health Policy class, and if I had known what we were going to cover. I might not have thought it all that relevant to me and I might have passed it by. The “surprises” in that class have been very helpful in subsequent classes in both of my majors.

Caroline: The class that surprised me the most was my COLL 200 – Russian Myths and Legends. We learned about very culturally specific topics, and discovered the intricacies of Russian folk tales. I was always happy to do my homework for that class because it was so interesting – and it really made me appreciate our liberal arts education

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