Why Peer Advising? Part 2

As W&M students, we know how great our community is; many PAs choose this position because of their own experiences and their desire to help others have an easier transition into our great community.

Allison Ramirez ’19 says, “Although I began the school year struggling, the support I found in the community played a big part in my recuperation. The role that this community has played in my life and happiness is the integral reason that I want to help guide new members of the Tribe.”

A similar sentiment is expressed by Elise Coberly ’21, “When I came to this school, I was unsure if I had made the right choice. Everyone who was involved in the process of orientation, from OAs to peer advisors to faculty members, assured me I was home. All of the guiding participants in orientation made me feel like I was truly part of one Tribe, one family.”

Many students coming to William & Mary feel similarly to Elise, as if they have made the wrong choice in choosing which college to attend or as if they will not come to fit in on our campus. Jacob Beardsley ’21, in reflecting on his own experience transitioning into college, shared, “Coming into college I felt lonely. Unlike many of the students currently attending William & Mary, I had no fellow students coming from my own high school. I want to be the person for incoming students that they feel they can talk to…”  Anna Rossman ’21 also adds, “Every student deserves a support system to help them through uncertainty…”

When in Orientation myself, I remember hearing the phrase “When you choose the Tribe, the Tribe chooses you…”, which fully encompasses the mentality of William & Mary’s students and the campus environment we have created. Thank you for making our school my home and the home for so many others — let’s get excited to share it with the incoming Class of 2022 together!!

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